Reviews & Previews - No. 100 - MY LIST

Posted on Saturday, January 30, 2010 at 06:00 PM

No. 100 - MY LIST

By: S. Tran

It is hard to believe this is my 100th article for I had no idea that when I started writing this column four and a half years ago that I would still be doing it today. Since I began writing I have changed jobs three times, lived in three different cities, and had a baby. I also understand that I have doubled the number of people who read this column since I first began, so a quick shout out to those 20 people: thanks for reading guys.

Even as I have gotten older and hopefully wiser, my attitude towards movies has not changed. I like what I like. I enjoy movies that entertain me. Different movies do this in different ways. Some blow me away with the special effects, some have great acting, others have an amazing story, some make me laugh, and some make me cry (in a manly way) usually its a combination of these things.

I have never considered myself a movie critic in the traditional sense because I don't believe anyone can tell anyone else what movie is good or bad for them. You have the right to decide for yourself what makes a great film and we all have an opinion and I'm just one guy giving mine. My thoughts on a film are no more 'right' than anyone else's. Special thanks to a reader name Rhys for helping me think about this a little more.

In celebration of my 100th article I thought I would put together a list, because it seems that's the thing to do when you reach a milestone. So, for whatever it is worth to you, here is my list.

1. Movie I most look forward to watching with my son:

Star Wars. The original episode IV though, not the new crap Lucas vomited out a few years back. I have watched this movie more than any other over the years. When I was young I was amazed by the special effects and completely taken in by the story.

Thirty years later, the effects are not so special (although for 1977 they are still amazing) and through my older, cynical eyes, the story and acting are pretty corny. Despite all that I still watch it every time it's on TV and it's one of the few movies I actually own. There's a simple pulp fiction, space opera quality to the movie that still appeals to me and I hope my son will enjoy it as much as I did and still do.

2. Worst movie I have ever watched:

Leaving aside made for TV stuff this is a tie between Supergirl and Hideous Kinky. I was 13 when I saw Supergirl and I thought the movie sucked. How do you take a movie about Supergirl and mess it up so badly that a 13 year old boy who loved movies, comics and superheroes thinks that your movie about a comic book superhero sucks? The acting, story and effects were ridiculous. This movie should be shown to all film students as an example of what not to do.

I can't even remember what Hideous Kinky was about. It starred Kate Winslet running around Europe or something. All I know is that I finish almost every movie I ever start watching. This was one of the few movies that I just stopped watching. I'm not sure a movie has ever bored me more.

3. Most over-hyped movie of all time:

Citizen Kane. I already wrote a long rant about this movie a while ago. For some reason film critics list this movie as the best film of all time. No way. Most of those critics probably do this to avoid looking dumb in front of their peers. Me? I don't care. This movie is boring, that's a fact.

4. Best classic movie(s):

Although some people may think they are too recent to be considered 'classic', The Godfather and the Godfather Part II are classic movies that live up to their reputations. I didn't watch these films until I was in my mid to late 20's and I was skeptical whether they were as good as people said they were. Unlike Citizen Kane these movies deserve their reputation. Great stories and terrific acting. Do not watch part III however, its garbage.

5. Biggest let down:

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Damn you Lucas! I looked forward to seeing this movie for such a long time only to pay for my ticket so that you could punch me in the balls. And then it happened again with the next two movies. Thank you sir, may I have another?

6. Favourite/Least Favourite Director:

Generally I really don't care who directs or acts in the movie, it really has to stand on its own merits, not the reputation of the people making it. However, over the years I have become a fan of Quentin Tarantino as a director. I find his style, dialogue and story telling to be some of the best in Hollywood.

On the other hand, I really can't stand Tim Burton. Ok, we get it, you like to be dark. Yes your sets are so weird and kooky, we understand you love Johnny Depp, great, awesome. Now how about you make a good movie that doesn't look and feel like your last 5 movies?

7. Biggest Surprise:

Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall, and Spring. A Korean film about an old monk and a young boy, living by themselves on a lake with almost no dialogue. This movie should suck right? It does not. One of my favourites.

8. Guilty Pleasure:

The Fifth Element. This movie is completely dumb, but at the same time it is fun to watch. Nothing really makes sense and the ending has some serious cheese issues but it doesn't matter I enjoyed it.

9. Movie I need to watch:

Danny, Champion of the World, based on a story by Roald Dahl, one of my favourite books growing up. For some reason I still have not seen the film, maybe because I think it won't be as good as the book.

10. Best/Worst Adaptation from a book:

The best were the Lord of the Rings movies. To be honest I thought the books were a little dull and about 500 pages too long. The movies were amazing though.

The worst are any movies adapting Isaac Asimov's stories. I think he is one of the greatest writers of all time but every time they adapt one of his stories into a movie it comes out a mess.

So there is my list of somewhat random movie things for you to read and disagree or agree with. Hopefully I can double my readership to 40 people by the time I reach the next 100 articles.


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