Reviews & Previews - Top 4 Chick Flicks Guys Grudgingly Liked: Part The Deuce

Posted on Tuesday, June 24, 2008 at 06:00 PM

Top 4 Chick Flicks Guys Grudgingly Liked: Part The Deuce

By: S. Tran

We're going to finish our look at the top four chick flicks that did not completely suck the life out of guys and may have given us something to actually like. People have asked me, "Why four, why not five or ten?"

The answer is that there are simply not that many of these movies guys can tolerate much less like. Seriously, The Wedding Date, My Best Friend's Wedding, Mystic Pizza. Might as well be a list of poisons to avoid. Moving along let's check out the rest of the best of this god awful genre.

The Joy Luck Club

Tag Line: Between Every Mother and Daughter Lies A Story of Generations

What it Promised: Steel Magnolias...with Asian chicks. Quirky girls dealing with moms who didn't love/respect/understand them while trying to find love from some abusive/uncaring/unattainable man. When I saw that I was one of  4 guys in the theatre I figured I was in for a royal two hour slap to the groin.

Why Guys Actually Liked It: Yeah sure the movie had the weak, cry baby daughters, but damn the moms in this movie were hard core old school bad-asses. This weren't your typical weepy moms we're used to seeing. These ladies didn't sit around wondering why life done them wrong, they took arms against a sea of trouble and kicked serious ass...scary style.

You want to cheat on one of these moms? She ain't going cry  over a cup of tea with her friends, she's going to drown your only son. Extreme? Hell yeah. Scary? Definitely. But at least it more interesting than your usual "He done cheated on me boo hoo" crap.

I will admit that  the other part of the movie that worked was that the moms went through some SERIOUSLY sad events. This was like the Roger Clemens of sad movies; they totally juiced that angle of the movie to the extant that even guys were like "Damn, that was all sad and what not." Not only was one of the moms fleeing a war, while seriously ill, trying to save her twins, but she eventually has to leave them on the roadside with money and jewels hoping someone would take care of her kids.

If you are reading this and thinking you weren't affected by the film then I say go back to kicking puppies liar. So yeah the movie was effective and interesting...still, let it be known, I did not cry. Might have been some dust in the theatre.

Bull Durham

The last movie on this list was going to be Wild Things with Neve Campbell and Denise Richards before she was crazy. I thought this was a tender story about forbidden love between two young women. But apparently it was just some bad soft core B thriller with gratuitous nudity. Who knew?

So Bull Durham makes this list. You may think this isn't a chick flick but I found it on a list of top chick flicks so it counts.

Tag Line: A Major League Story In  Minor League Town

What it Promised: Damn, we had no idea what this was going to promise. It sounded like a baseball movie but then there was that Susan Sarandon chick on the poster so we were suspicious. Plus our girlfriends seemed a little too anxious to agree to go see the movie. This confused us from the get go.

Why Guys Actually Liked It: It was a sports movie, kind of. Yeah we got suckered a bit with the Susan Sarandon, cougar-super groupie love story, but the rest of the film was pretty entertaining in showing us the life of a minor league ball player.

It was almost like the guys in the movie found out they were stuck in a quasi-chick flick and were determined to bust out and have some fun, like dudes crashing a wedding shower. There was enough humour and guy talk that we made it through the goofy love story. We could even pretend that the scenes with Sarandon were just long commercials for another movie.

Bonus, there was no cry baby moments to suffer through. Unless you count the bitter sweetness of Costner's character breaking the minor league home run record. And that is ok because that is pretty sad when you think about it.


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