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Posted on Friday, June 15, 2018 at 04:00 PM


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The timing seems a bit strange for a June 20th release of the National Film Board's latest movie, Metamorphosis. Usually environmental films appear around Earth Day in April. While the butterfly storyline was a unique take on the climate change issue, the movie felt at least five to ten years too late.

A plethora of climate change films have come out including The Inconvenient Truth parts 1 and 2, Cowspiracy, (R)evolution by the late Rob Stewart, Chasing Coral, Chasing Ice, Blue Gold among others. Metamorphosis doesn't stand out at all. It has the usual formula of the world is ending, here's what some people are doing to help. Life in Syntrophy was much better. Not only was it hopeful it succinctly got to the point in fifteen minutes.

In the last few years Alberta and B.C have suffered enough through fires and floods that the reminder of how devastating natural disasters are seems redundant. Everyone has been touched in some way by extreme weather events, but the constant blame on industry without acknowledging the part animal agricultural plays is ridiculous. Even when they talked about agriculture they neglected to mention how much food is grown solely for livestock when it could be used to feed people. If I have to say something nice about the film, the converted swimming pools into small urban agricultural/aquaponic systems was a pretty cool idea that I'd never heard of before. I appreciated that it started with a family grew to include a global community.

For anyone who has read my column and seen the climate change movies I've written up this one doesn't offer anything new. If you want to support Canadian film and the Globe Cinema, then on June 20th Metamorphosis will be screening with the filmmakers in attendance.

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