Everyday Activist - 2017 Banff World Tour Short Film Selections - Calgary Blue Program

Posted on Thursday, January 05, 2017 at 11:00 PM

"Danny MacAskill’s Wee Day Out"

2017 Banff World Tour Short Film Selections - Calgary Blue Program

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Available online and as part of the Calgary stop of the Banff World Tour Blue Program are two great films Iran: A Skier’s Journey and a Wee Day Out featuring Red Bull athlete Danny MacAskill. I have seen Danny’s videos before, so I knew their addictive quality already, but I had only recently discovered the A Skier’s Journey series, which is just as enthralling. I ended up watching multiple episodes, before settling in to write these reviews. Sharing is caring: http://www.askiersjourney.com. Be sure to watch China: A Skier’s Journey too!

Iran: A Skier’s Journey

It’s so easy to get hooked onto the entire A Skier’s Journey series. The winner of the Banff Mountain Film Festival Award for Best Snow Sports was actually China: A Skier’s Journey. What makes these short films compelling is the blend of local culture both on and off the ski hill. Director Jordan Manley puts in a lot of effort to include the local ski scene along with the usual incredible landscapes and sick lines the “tourists” ski. Even when the ski trip doesn’t pan out the way they hoped it’s still a great a story, because they are able to take the viewer to exotic places to experience local culture from the comfort of her seat.

Iran: A Skier’s Journey is no exception. We experience Iran in a new way through ski culture than our usual bias from the media images of burka clad women. Two of the ski guides were these beautiful women, wearing way more make up on the hill than I ever would to go out to a party. On the hill they have freedom from pressures that others place on them and this isn’t unique to women. Just like in Canada, Iranian people in the busy cities, such as Tehran, seek refuge from city life, in the mountains. It’s hard for us to fathom a city with 17 million people when our giant country only has around 30 million.

Despite the strict Muslim culture in the cities, the film points out that apres ski rituals in Iran are the same as any ski lodge in Europe or Canada. Manley includes images of beautifully designed mosques and locals who welcomed them to Iran as a way to show that while we have differences we really aren’t that different from each other. Somehow mountain culture unites us all. Iran: A Skier’s Journey will be on the Blue program this January in Calgary for the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour 2016/17 #1 & #2. If you’re in Banff anyway on January 18th, it will play at Banff Avenue Brewing Company, 110 Banff Avenue for free at 7:00 pm along with several other short films including The Accord which will also be on the Blue Program, but not available online.

Danny MacAskill's Wee Day Out

I love Danny MacAskill’s videos, not only because of the completely crazy bike stunts, but also because of the outtakes at the end, where he demonstrates his commitment to getting the tricks right. This cute narrative follows Danny around his native Scotland where he waves to the locals including the super cute highland cows. After some amazing tricks he meets his dad at the end of the ride. If you can’t make it to the Blue program of the Calgary screenings of the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour 2016/17 #1 & #2 in January, this rather entertaining six minute film is available online. Remember stay for the outtakes!

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