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Posted on Sunday, April 30, 2017 at 11:00 AM

Perfume War Revisited

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I’m blessed to know that people not only read my blog, but care enough to seek me out to clarify my questions. Michael Velemirovich, the producer for Perfume War, contacted me within hours of CalgaryMovies.com posting my submission. I badly wanted to get this out last week before the all the extended performances in Calgary were over, but alas, my therapy schedule didn’t allow it. The Bay actually did have post cards for the film that I hadn’t seen at the Market Mall location and apparently posters on display in the perfume section cost a lot of advertising money, which I hadn’t realized.

In terms of movie distribution, Cineplex gave them the dates and cities, so they took what they could get, which included Easter Weekend. Personally, it worked to their benefit, because there wasn’t much else going on. I know.. I looked. I was just choked that I missed the question and answer period with Brett Wilson from Dragon’s Den. While Perfume War got an extended run, I didn’t get a chance to see it again as planned, though I’m happy to have to opportunity to talk about other aspects of the film that I couldn’t get to in the original post.

I watch a lot of documentaries and a number of movies have beginning and end quotes, but rarely anything in the middle. After looking through a copy of Barb Stegemann’s book, The 7 Virtues of the Philosopher Queen, it all made sense as her book is laid out the same way, with quotes followed by discussion. Some Hudson Bay stores have the 4th Edition available for free with purchase of the perfume box set, since the 5th edition is out. Edmonton City Center does for sure, Market Mall Calgary does not, nor does the online orders from the Bay. Why yes, I found that out the HARD WAY. It is available at the Calgary Public library, though it has a lot of holds for an earlier edition. March Forth, Trevor Greene’s book, is also at CPL with much better availability.

Moving away from books back to the documentary, the concept of the cut throat perfume industry where if you’re successful the big brands will want to copy you; in this case, from a social justice perspective, sounds awesome! Can you imagine how much better the world would be if all perfume companies copied the 7 Virtues model? Let’s buy the best essential oils from vulnerable countries at a fair price to sell on the western market. Customers won’t only address their social conscience, but experience healing as well due to product quality. My friends and I use vetiver combinations to address anxiety in ourselves and our clients. Once my psychologist clears me to go back to school, I would love to further investigate this phenomenon as a Master’s project; chemistry, healing and business all my interests in one bottle.

Here’s hoping that we’ll see Perfume War again in theatres either at festival time or if it earns a nationwide release.

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