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Posted on Wednesday, March 08, 2017 at 11:00 PM

Finding Home

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I love Netflix. The documentary section especially has exploded with great films that have been featured in Calgary on the film festival circuit. I watched Finding Home a couple years ago as it was supposed to be on the Marda Loop Justice Film Festival documentary list, but didn’t make the cut. Recently, I found it on Netflix, though I couldn’t bring myself to watch it again just yet. It is a difficult film to watch and even harder to imagine that so many more young girls are at risk to become sex slaves.

The documentary centers on Stephanie Freed, a remarkable example of how someone from across the world can reach out to help. Too often we feel powerless to do something; however, even with her own family in the US, she takes the time to go to Cambodia to help Rapha House rescue and rehabilitate these girls. They are given skills and education, which lead to meaningful work. With strong people like her and some of the other counselors working hard to assist these girls, a new life is possible.

Poverty is a terrible situation that leads to violence, corruption, abuse and exploitation even on this side of the pond. One young woman decided to stay in the sex trade, in order to help her family, despite the pleas from the counselors at Rapha House. While the family was glad to have the money, they couldn’t accept their daughter’s chosen profession. Women who choose to get off the street and want to take their abusers to court find out how quickly justice can be purchased with bribes. Most cases are thrown out as the police and judges are bought off by the perpetrators.

Finding Home had some beautiful moments, among all the misery and poverty. Another young woman married a man who loved her despite knowing her past. The film makers included their modest wedding in the documentary. Too often these girls are seen as “ruined” or “fallen”, missing a chance at marriage or a family life. The message at the end was hopeful, that with the right help and choices, one can overcome the unthinkable.

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