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Posted on Sunday, October 22, 2017 at 12:00 PM

The Time of Their Lives

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How do people write meaningful reviews if they can’t properly talk about the film, because they are so concerned about revealing the plot? I’m so glad I review documentary film, where I assume people know how the story ends. I can look up supporting facts and discuss the issues. I’m really not sure how to do that here, but since I’m in the minority that liked the film I’ll try my best. Thank goodness for editors.

Time of Their Lives looks at life through the lens of grief for both men and women; how they choose to cope, how they have chosen in the past and the choice to forgive themselves enough to move forward. At this point in my life, I strongly identify with these themes, which may explain why I overlooked many of the cheesy comedy gimmicks to engage the audience. I didn’t laugh as much as I cried. It’s hard to come to terms with the cards life deals us, but I admired the bravery the main characters had to seize opportunities to live differently, no matter their age.

Hollywood desperately needs more female writers and directors to tell the stories of women. Writer/Director Roger Goldby, while award winning, made a mess of Helen’s character. Even though grief makes a person miserable, she is still a person capable of feeling more than only contempt and jealousy. The Light Between Oceans could have been an Oscar contender if the director Derek Cianfrance could capture what soul-searing loss feels like; not only that but the abject failure women feel when they can’t meet the expected roles of being a good wife, mother, grandmother, sister etc. Director Erik Poppe is an exception. In A Thousand Times Goodnight, Rebecca’s grief stays with me as a female activist trying to do the right thing by her family and her life’s work. Though given Poppe’s role as an award winning photojournalist in the middle of war zones, his soul has endured more than its fair share of suffering.

I will probably watch the film again, since I have much to learn from Priscilla’s storyline. Her courage to not only leave her old life behind, whilst helping a stranger, but to also allow life to open up new opportunities sent a message straight to my heart. She never let her age stop her from taking chances and trusted in the process that things would work out. I will miss it in the theatre at Canyon Meadows though, since I’m in Whitehorse this week.

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