Emily Mody - Rebels on Pointe (Fairy Tales 2018)

Posted on Monday, May 28, 2018 at 10:00 PM

Rebels on Pointe (Fairy Tales 2018)

Review by Emily Mody x CalgaryMovies.com

Rebels On Pointe directed by Bobbi Jo Hart is a feature length documentary. The film follows Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo, an all male, drag ballet company. From its inception to its current status and cult following, Trockadero has always provided its audience with a playful and comical viewpoint on the elite art form. The dance company was formed right after the conclusion of the New York Stonewall riots. The film illuminates the skill and humanity of the dancers beautifully. These qualities infuse the dances that are spoofed by the company.

Rebels On Pointe is a refreshing documentary on ballet. I really enjoyed this film and it is very entertaining. Shot in the cinema verite style, this film showcases the lives of these ballerinas that appear larger than life while on stage and illuminates them at the base of who they are as individuals. This film is definitely a really fun watch. The film can get slightly dramatic at moments when the story delves more deeply into the difficulties and limitations that have been placed on these men. Although more acceptable today it is still unusual to see a man dance on pointe. It is not accepted by main stream society as something that can be done under normal circumstances. This film also looks closely at these men and their personal lives including family, friendship, and romantic love and how they balance all of that given their hectic work and travel schedules. The dances, although funny and silly, still make very legitimate and real statements regarding beauty, pressure, and the need to win. The dances are moving and real if you care to delve more deeply into their meaning but they can also be enjoyed for their surface laughs.

The film reminds me of Flamenco At 5:15 directed by Cynthia Scott. This short film follows a flamenco class that takes place at the National Ballet School of Canada for a few weeks a year during the winter. Flamenco At 5:15 does not individualize the dancers but rather, the dance itself, becomes the subject of the film. Both films have an unscripted quality to their overall story and tone. Flamenco At 5:15 follows an hour long class one evening while Rebels On Pointe spans a period of months. The greatest similarity between the two films is probably the way in which both films are shot. Both stories also revolve around the dancers finding freedom within the confines of their craft.

I would highly recommend this film to anyone who has an interest in documentaries on dance and the ability to break away from societal norms. Rebels On Pointe runs a total of 90 minutes. This film is appropriate for all audiences.

Rebels on Pointe will be screening as a part of the 20th Fairy Tales Film Festival 2018 on Friday, June 01, 2018 @ 9:00 PM at the Plaza Theatre.


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