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Posted on Sunday, June 17, 2018 at 11:00 AM


Review by Emily Mody x CalgaryMovies.com

Metamorphosis directed by Nova Ami and Velcrow Ripper is a Canadian feature length documentary film. The film examines climate change and its impacts. The directors utilize and illuminate different artistic mediums to bring a unique look at the issues. This turns an inherently quantitative study into an emotional and moving portrait of the effects of humanity and consumerism.

This is truly unlike any documentary on climate change that I, and probably most people, have ever seen. It is both beautiful and unexpected. It is an unusual way to engage with the issues that I have not seen before. Instead of focusing on the science behind climate change, although that is certainly an inextricable part of the information presented, the effects of environmental devastation are presented in an emotional and moving way. The art presented includes living statues, underwater statues, poetry, and vertical gardens. Even the presentation of a vast landscape appears as if it were an abstract painting.

The filmmakers have done an excellent job of illuminating the beauty of the natural world. This beauty can, in turn, be utilized to demonstrate very important messages about environmental collapse and species extinction. I think that, overall, I did feel like this film ran slightly long which is unfortunate to state considering it is not a long film. I feel that how the information is presented became slightly repetitive. It feels as if the directors were relying too strongly on the art to carry the interest of the film.

Metamorphosis reminded me of another film called Nocturnal Animals directed by Tom Ford. Nocturnal Animals is a fictional crime/drama which follows the story of a wealthy gallery owner. Her ex husband sends her a draft of his new novel which serves as a symbolic representation of their relationship. Based on that description you are probably wondering how Nocturnal Animals is, in anyway, similar to Metamorphosis. It is not the content or tone I find comparable but rather the way the images were presented. There are certainly moments in both films when a still image, although filmic in nature, would present as if it were a contemporary painting. It is as if the natural world were an art exhibit you could walk through and peruse. If you are interested in the filming style and how the images are presented in either Nocturnal Animals or Metamorphosis then you will, most certainly, enjoy it in the other.

This film is definitely an enjoyable watch and pleasantly unexpected. If you like documentaries on climate change or if you are interested in the way the arts can illuminate scientific issues then there is definitely something to be gained here.

Metamorphosis is opening in Calgary on June 20th, 2018 at the Globe Cinema with the filmmakers in attendance. Metamorphosis runs a total of 85 minutes. This film is rated G. It does contain some nudity in the context of artistic images.

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