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Posted on Monday, January 29, 2018 at 04:00 PM

Hedgehog's Home (NFB Short)

Review by Emily Mody x CalgaryMovies.com

Hedgehog’s Home is a short animation film directed by Eva Cvijanovic. The story follows an adult hedgehog as he traverses a life of simplicity and peace. He is misunderstood by four of the other characters he encounters including a bear, a fox, a wolf and a boar. They intend to challenge his beliefs which ultimately culminates in a forest standoff. The film is based on the original children’s story written by Branko Ćopić.

The animation is so beautiful. I really enjoyed the use of colour and texture. The voice acting is very well done and gives a very clear picture of who the characters are. One of my favourite parts is when the sun is setting and the forest begins to come alive with the nocturnal creatures. The animator utilized lights for the animals eyes in the forest and it was such a striking way to demonstrate the shift in time.

The animation reminds me of the traditional claymation that would air on television around the holiday season entitled, A Claymation Christmas Celebration. It seems to be the stop motion technique that bares the greatest resemblance. It does not appear to be clay utilized in Hedgehog’s Home. Instead, this film utilizes a type of fabric that gives the characters and the setting a very warm and comforting feeling. Hedgehog’s Home reminds me of the stop motion animation that I used to watch as a child and because of this, is a very nostalgic experience for me.

In the tradition of the National Film Board, Hedgehog’s Home is a beautiful animated story that emphasizes the natural landscape of Canada to express a meaningful message. The valuable lesson to be garnered is that it is always good to accept and love the things that are currently yours. It is important not to enforce notions of greed. Normalcy seems to revolve around constantly searching for more than what we have. If you have everything you need, it is good to be proud of that fact. In a society in which we are inundated with messages about consumerism and the importance of having, this is a timely message for both children and adults. There is also nothing wrong with being introverted and seeking your own approval above others.

The story was originally adapted from an old children’s story and the repetition that is present is very characteristic of this fact. There was a portion of the film that discusses the death of a character. The way this death was ultimately handled may trigger you or your children if you are particularly sensitive viewers. Otherwise, this film is appropriate for all audiences to enjoy. I would mainly recommend this film to children although adults could definitely enjoy it as well, particularly if they have an interest in stop motion animation. Hedgehog’s home runs a total of ten minutes.

You can view this short in its entirety with a CAMPUS subscription on the National Film Board of Canada’s website: https://www.nfb.ca/film/hedgehogs_home/

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