Ink Blotting


The process of ink blotting is to remove excess ink from parchment. When roller-ball pen technology came along the process became outdated. Today, the process doesn't exist at all with the advent of computer technology. Nevertheless, there are many reviews that could use from some liberal ink blotting. This column (by Kyle Gould) works to serve that similar, but outdated, process. Often times a sponge, or sand would be used to blot the ink and errors were tantamount to ruining a work. Writing used to be done with forethought and precision. Today anyone with a live journal or a blog can spit ink at the screen and call it a review. It is the aim of this column to consider the movie and those who have reviewed it and blot out the un-necessary thoughts and ill-advised opinions that don't soundly expose a movie's weaknesses or reveal its strengths.

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