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Posted on Thursday, September 25, 2014 at 06:00 AM

KO Review of Dr. Cabbie

Review by CalgaryMovies.com X Katrina Olson-Mottahed

Sometimes fairy tales don’t go the way they should. When a young newly graduated doctor departs India with his Mom (Lillete Dubey) to start a new life in Toronto, Canada, it’s just the beginning of his struggle (as it is for many new comers to Canada). Deepak moves in with his uncle Vijay (Rizwan Manji) and Blonde haired bubbly aunt Rani (Mircea Monroe) hoping to find a medical practice that will hire him. He starts working for his Uncle's Indian restaurant after difficulty finding a medical practice and befriends a testosterone driven cab driver Tony (Kunal Nayyar - Raj from The Big Bang Theory) who convinces him to drive a cab after things at the restaurant go sideways.

One night while driving the cab together, Deepak and Tony start cat calling a tall stunning blonde woman. When the blonde turns around to expose her very pregnant stomach Deepak is completely embarrassed as he profusely apologizes and offers the woman a free ride home in his cab. The woman takes him up on his offer but the three of them get stuck in a traffic jam and the woman goes into labour. Dr. Cabbie to the rescue and the idea is born. Deepak becomes famous overnight and begins running a medical practice out of his cab.

Deepak’s grand plans take a turn for the worst when he falls head over heels for the blonde bombshell single Mom, Natalie (Adrianne Palicki), whose baby he delivered in the back of his cab. Natalie’s baby daddy Colin (Chris Diamantopoulos) is a silver spooned social-climbing playboy who needs to keep up appearances. Colin will do anything to come out on top so he can keep his image clean, in order to run in an election. When Colin finds out that Deepak is sweet on his baby’s Mom, Natalie, he plots to destroy Deepak's life and career.

Dr. Cabbie is an adorably whimsical romantic comedy that satirizes a serious issue in this country, the shortage of doctors and how difficult it is for educated immigrants to work in their field of study. Everything about this film exudes the beautiful depth of the multiple cultures that come to Canada to enrich the lives of others, and how odds can be overcome when you open your heart and mind. Dr. Cabbie is Bollywood with a Canadian twist. The cast has great chemistry on screen. This film is chalked full of fabulous contemporary Indian music, dance sequences and oozing sexuality that keeps the audience entertained, even into the credits at the end of the film.

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