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Posted on Tuesday, April 18, 2017 at 09:00 AM

G Funk (CUFF 2017)

Review by Katrina Olson-Mottahed x CalgaryMovies.com

A KO Review by Emily Mody

G Funk is a feature length documentary directed by Karam Gill. The film demonstrates the foundational elements that made up the origins of the music genre known as G Funk and how this has ultimately impacted hip-hop and the music industry today. G Funk is a subset of hip-hop that came after P Funk. This music genre emerged from the West Coast and typically emphasizes a smoother, almost hypnotic style and sound. G Funk consists of interviews with Warren G, Ice Cube, Ice-T, Wiz Khalifa, Russell Simmons, and Snoop Dogg to name a few. The film covers the time period from approximately 1980 to the current day.

The best documentaries are ones in which you forget the camera and interviewer is there and in many ways that definitely happened for me with G Funk. Being an individual who is a fan of contemporary hip-hop and yet knows next to nothing about its origins and formational elements I was completely fascinated with the whole film. I became so invested in the history and story that surrounded the formation of the hip-hop group 213. I had never known exactly what happened surrounding the deaths of Tupac Shakur and Easy-E, mainly because I was so young when it happened. G Funk gave a relatively clear description of everything that happened and the events that ultimately led to their deaths. There was also a lot of discussion regarding the social and political issues that were taking place during the period with regards to civil rights. This was a particularly interesting aspect of the film and a very important aspect of hip-hop history and how it was able to gain such wide spread popularity. The way the film was shot and the way that the story and history was shared was so engaging. The director utilized photos and video as well as some action dramatizations with voice over narration from the interviewee. I really enjoyed how this was done.

G Funk and the documentary, Peter De Rome directed by Ethan Reid share many comparisons. Although these two films differ greatly in subject matter they share many stylistic similarities. How the directors chose to convey the story and communicate that to the audience were very similar. Both Reid and Gill utilized a variety of interviews, old footage and new footage, as well as dramatizations of the past. I think if you enjoyed the documentary style of Peter De Rome you will definitely enjoy how G Funk was done as well.

G Funk runs a total of 83 minutes. If you are a sensitive viewer it is important to note that G Funk is rated 18+ for language, drug use, and violence. G Funk will have its International Premiere as a part of the 14th Calgary Underground Film Festival 2017 (CUFF). It will be playing on Friday, April 21st, 2017 at 7:15 PM at the Globe Cinema. The director Karam Gill will also be in attendance.

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