Calgary International Film Festival 2013 - Bad Milo!

Posted on Thursday, September 26, 2013 at 12:00 AM

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Bad Milo!

Review by Troy Steinke

It's a movie about a cute, homicidal monster that lives in guy's butt. Still with me? I know. I was thinking the same thing going in. Why would anyone make this film, much less act in it? And still I went, to baring witness to one of the most ridiculous films I've ever sat through. I mean, I've already watched a host of other 'creature features' like Gremlins, Goulies and Critters. What could go wrong?

Bad Milo is the story of a mild mannered accountant, Duncan (Ken Marino), with some serious stomach issues. Through a series of comical mishaps, we soon discover the his 'pain in the ass' is actually a cute, intestinal looking monster whom we affectionately come to know as 'Milo'. Although Milo looks harmless at first, he soon begins to terrorize Duncan's enemies with his razor sharp teeth and claws. With the help of his wacky psychiatrist (Pater Stormare, Fargo), Duncan struggles to contain his inner demons, both literal and figurative.

I was actually impressed with production value in this film. The script was funny, the camera work and sets echoed that of any big budget comedy and the acting is on par. Some of my favourite comedians (Kumail Nanjiani, Stephen Root) popped up in all sorts of cameos and provided some quality laughs.

Sadly though, Bad Milo is a victim of its own crazy little 'shit disturber'. As we spiral towards the film's ridiculous conclusion, my initial chuckles and snorts turned to groans and sighs. Rather than enjoying the macabre gags and gross outs - I start looking at my watch and wondering when the 'butt monster' punchline will give way to something more entertaining. Bad Milo proves that you can make a film about anything, but and this is a big but - it has to be good. See this film if you've recently renewed your Fangoria subscription. For the rest of us Bad Milo is just bad.

Reviewed at the Calgary International Film Festival 2013.

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