Not a Movie Snob - Case 39

Posted on Saturday, September 25, 2010 at 05:00 PM

"Hey look kids, a demon!"

Case 39

Okay so I was originally going to give this two and a half stars, but the more I think about it, the dumber it gets. The plot holes just keep piling on as I go over the movie in my head. Anyway, it looks like the general consensus is that my two stars are very generous, and I can see why.

This is one of those movies you've already seen without seeing it. Its entire plot is borrowed from other horror movies, especially Orphan and The Omen.

This movie is also a perfect example that most movie stars, no matter how rich, will at times do movies just for the cash. I highly doubt Renee Z did this movie because she was impressed with its potential artistically. Renee is someone whose acting I can't stand and can never understand how she's even allowed in this industry, let alone how she ever won an Oscar (or two), and this movie does nothing whatsoever to change my mind about her. Good thing she has that cute (?) little girl to keep her afloat.

So why the two stars? Well, it entertained me. There weren't any parts where I was getting bored and wishing the movie would end already. And, to be honest, I found certain parts to be pretty creepy. I'm a believer, I believe in heaven and hell and in angels and demons, so movies about demons f-ing with people is scary. Usually. Drag Me To Hell and the remake of The Omen weren't scary. Also there were some pretty awesome death scenes, like one featuring a swarm of hornets and another where a guy accidentally blows his head off (hey, it's a horror movie). And it had Ian McShane, who is way better than these movies (Deadwood, need I say more?); but whatever, he's got bills to pay like the rest of us.

Most people won't like this, and neither did I really, because it's a copy cat and pretty silly. But I liked it as a one time watch.

That's not a recommendation though.

Rating: **



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