The Victim & The Divide

Michael Biehn Victimizes Calgary!

Saturday, February 11, 2012 - Saturday, February 11, 2012

He’s saved the universe from Aliens. He’s saved Sarah Conner from Terminators. He’s fought terrorists with Sean Connery. And now he’s coming to Calgary!
Hosted by Biehn himself is a double-feature of THE VICTIM & THE DIVIDE, screening Saturday February 11 @ 7:00pm at The Plaza Theatre
(1133 Kensington Road NW).
From his starring roles in James Cameron’s The Terminator, Aliens, and The Abyss, to his performances in The Rock, Grindhouse, and Tombstone, Michael Biehn is one of the coolest, most iconic actors around. The Calgary Underground Film Festival (CUFF), Burning Moon, and DEDfest are proud to present  an evening with Michael Biehn, as he brings two of his latest, highly acclaimed films to Calgary. 
First off is Biehn’s directorial debut, the grindhouse-inspired THE VICTIM, starring Biehn, Jennifer Blanc, and Danielle Harris. After witnessing the murder of her friend at the hands of a couple of backwoods villains, a young woman takes refuge at the cabin of angry loner Kyle who reluctantly becomes her protector.
(Biehn’s) ultra low-budget ode to B-movie sleaze is a lot of fun to behold… a lean, brusque, focused thriller with good performances by all involved.” – Arrow In the Head
Then comes THE DIVIDE, a bleak, terrifying apocalyptic thriller from the director of Hitman and Frontiers. Biehn stars as the superintendent of an apartment complex who reluctantly takes a group of strangers into his makeshift basement bomb shelter after a nuclear attack. 
The performances are strong across the board, with Biehn doing his best work since The Abyss - and maybe of all-time” – Bloody Disgusting
Also in attendance are The Divide director Xavier Gens, The Victim producer Lorna Paul, and The Victim co-stars Jennifer Blanc-Biehn and Denny Kirkwood.
Tickets are $15 for both screenings, or $10 for one, and are available at the door.




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