Better Days

Drama | 138 Minutes

Canada: Friday, November 08, 2019

Well Go USA Entertainment


Nian finds her life at a standstill when faced by relentless bullying from her peers as she prepares for her college entrance exam. Fate brings her together with small-time criminal Bei, but before they can retreat into a world of their own, both are dragged into the middle of a murder investigation that will change their lives forever. In this dramatic thriller, Derek Kwok-Cheung Tsang paints a bleak picture of an oppressive society, in the guise of a gripping fairy-tale love story, exposing the dark world of bullying and societal pressures of achievement facing today's youth.

Cast & Crew

Movie Cast
  • Dongyu Zhou
  • Jackson Yee
  • Fang Yin
Movie Crew
  • Kwok Cheung Tsang (Derek Tsang)
  • Wing-Sum Lam
  • Yuan Li

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