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CalgaryMovies.com est. 1998

The original site was born pretty much out of frustration, actually. Back in the day, it became a bit tiresome to call up movie theatres and have to sit and wait while the entire list of movies and their showtimes was dictated on the phone. Or trying to find a newspaper whenever we wanted to see what was playing was tougher than it would seem. So we thought, “Hey - why not put it all on the web and make it both painless and fun to get movie information?” So, in the fall of 1998 we hung up our sign and began operation as the first online movie guide for Calgary - others have come since (and some have gone), but we're still around and we're still your favourite!

We are grateful for all of those that have been with us since the beginning, from our original site to our Orange html era, and famously our battle with the now defunct Famous Players theatre chain (click here). CalgaryMovies.com sincerely appreciates all of the support and feedback from our loyal fans and contributors over the many years.

The hope is that all Calgarians will use this site any time they're interested in checking out a movie and will spread the website to all their friends. Don't forget to visit us on Facebook and Twitter!




NOTE: The showtimes listed on CalgaryMovies.com come directly from the theatres' announced schedules, which are distributed to us on a weekly basis. All showtimes are subject to change without notice or recourse to CalgaryMovies.com.