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Posted on Monday, October 02, 2017 at 10:00 AM

Living Proof (Calgary Film 2017)

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Much like my previous of review of “Doing It Scared”, I have to work hard to focus on what’s important and then talk about how I really feel. :) Matt Embry was diagnosed with MS when he was 19. Decades later no one would know. He’s a great looking guy with a family, career and full mobility. In the documentary, he flew to many different locations to meet other people with the disease as well as specialists. I appreciate his courage towards being the “face” of a cause he believes deeply in and his willingness to use his skills and gifts in service of others.

Living Proof in some counseling circles would be identified as an example of narrative therapy, where a person has a chance to examine his/her story to help them cope with or process the past. Using this context, the film works well as it talks about his journey with his family accompanying him every step of the way. I loved watching the way his family made changes to their lives to help him and people worldwide via their charity MS-direct. His parents are probably in their 70s and still have an active life. The father and son scene at the end was a beautiful way to end the film.

The MS Society does a lot of good work to support people with the disease including good eating and exercise initiatives. The problem is that the eating program is based on the Canada Food Guide, which is supported by food lobby groups. Not that I would take advice from Matt’s site MS Hope, either. I choked on my salad when I heard he ate red meat once per week and then in same video said he give up legumes! I was happy that he mentioned the evils of soy. Not a lot of people talk about that. The site https://overcomingms.org has a really nice logo that doesn’t look like the MS Society and has great advice other than eat soy. Skip that part.

Bottom line: if you want to be healthy, exercise and avoid processed foods as well as those known to cause inflammation such as soy, dairy, gluten, eggs and meat from land animals. Huh, look at that, if you don’t eat fish we basically have veganism. Be healthy AND save the planet. Who knew? Another Alberta film, I Like It Raw (Watch >) shows how quickly raw veganism helped local Edmonton residents recover from illness. On the same topic, What the Health is a fabulous film on Netflix made by the same people as Cowspiracy. Let Food Be Thy Medicine.

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