Everyday Activist


Everyday Activist, Sima Chowdhury, wants everyone to love documentaries as much as she does. Proactive and involved with major film festivals in Banff and Calgary, our Everyday Activist views numerous documentaries every year. Reviewing documentaries spanning topics from the environment, sports, social justice and women's issues, don't be alarmed if the titles don't sound familiar, her goal is to engage readers to learn about these worthwhile films. Join her on this journey as she explores some of the best documentaries on the festival circut, online and Netflix.

Even though with technology our world may feel smaller, it still has many surprises. Through documentary film, we become aware of the various issues affecting people every day, while being inspired and entertained by those who make the effort to make the world a better place by challenging themselves to think differently.

When not screening docs, she has her own YouTube "How to Series" and enjoys hiking in the National Parks.

Reach Everyday Activist at sima@chemist.com


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