Not a Movie Snob


With Not a Movie Snob (formerly Griffintainment), Dustin Griffin will devote many countless hours in the dark, consuming all manner of film. From the Oscar baiting epic, to the slam bang popcorn flick, to the it’s-so-bad-I-can’t-look-away cheese-fest that looks like it was shot on an iPhone 2. He’ll also devote many hours to the classics that have come before and spit out articles on a variety of local and worldwide film related goodness. Dustin is a lifelong lover of film and fills much of his spare time reading about them, writing about them, watching them or thinking about watching them. He is always on the film’s side and while he doesn’t go into any movie expecting he will hate it, sometimes a turkey is just a turkey. Calling it a turtledove doesn’t make it so. 

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